Financial coaching that puts YOU first

Your financial needs and goals deserve a plan and team that are focused on your goals, just as much as you.  
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But First, a Warning 

We care about helping everyone... AND it's no secret that women are facing an uphill battle when it comes to money and building wealth.  

Here’s what we’re seeing right now with women around the world. 
  • Financial Stress: 72% of working women report feeling financial stress, even if they're high earners.
  • A GLOBAL Wealth Gap: Globally, women retire with a quarter less wealth than men. This gap continues to grow as women age.
  • The Invisible Workforce: The unequal sharing of unpaid family care work, taking care of elderly parents, and this predominately felt on women, which impacts women's wealth. 

At Freedom Sun, we are dedicated to democratizing wealth building for female entrepreneurs.  


We help you through all stages of your entrepreneurial journey.  


Master your Money Mindset

Mastering your Success and Money Blueprint, building a holistic plan for your money and your wealth, and setting boundaries is the first pillar to your financial success.


Build your Income 

If you're not making enough money in your business, you won't reach your long term financial goals.  Our SPA program helps you accelerate your profit in your business.


Grow your Wealth

Our Business Growth and Performance coaching helps you get in the driver's seat of your business finances and business wealth plan. Streamline your systems and turn your business into an asset.  

Ready to ditch the stuffy and "old school" ways of finance, but still get professional and expert guidance?  

We make Finance Fun

That includes all aspect of finance - from your money mindset, personal financial plan, building a plan for profit to your business, and working with a Financial Business Performance Coach!  

Working with us you will have:
  • A holistic financial plan to reach your  goals of financial independence. 
  • Financial tools that help you get where you want to go personally and in business.
  • Consistent support and accountability to help you get there.  
  • A team of finance and business experts ready to help you reach your goals! 

Programs Designed to Get you RESULTS

We offer done for your resources and templates, programs, and Group and 1:1 Coaching.

Master your Money and Mindset with Financially Whole

Personal Finance and Your Money Success Blueprint

Personal finance is the first step to building wealth in your life and in your business. We help you identify your short and long term financial goals and help you build a roadmap to get there.  

Your financial and business success in 95% mindset, and we help you have the tools to break your limiting beliefs, stop the imposter syndrome and doubt, and set strong boundaries. 

We give you the money tactics and tools to help you give your money a plan, make personal budgeting and wealth building fun, and have a better relationship with money. These tools help you feel confident and at ease when it comes to your money and your success.  
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Write your awesome label here.

Accelerate your PROFIT with SPA  

Uplevel your pricing and business to reach at LEAST six figures in your business.  

The definition of entrepreneurship is to realize a profit, and we help you make it a reality. 

Unfortunately, most businesses are thinking about money and business wrong. They are still trading time for money in their business, aren’t pricing to profit, and are struggling to pay themselves consistently. 

We take your business from no business strategy to having strategic sales, profit, and a business that supports your long term income goals. 

Grow your Business with 1:1 Financial Performance Coaching 

You are 95% more likely to achieve your goals with an accountability coach.

Once you’ve hit a consistent stride in your business, your financial and operational problems evolve.

You might not be fully aware of the different ways to grow your business and the different financial strategies to use. Your goal in this stage is to step into your role as CEO and start building your business as an ASSET. 

We help you streamline your current profit systems, make sure that your business and your finances have a plan, and support you each month to make financial decisions and grow your cash flow.  

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Write your awesome label here.

We Make Finance Fun 

Hi! I’m Simone Cimiluca-Radzins, CPA and I'm on a mission to democratize wealth building for women.
One of the biggest drivers of wealth is through business ownership and entrepreneurship.

With the right roadmap, systems, and team, managing your money can be one of the most strategic things you'll do for your business, your time, and your wealth.  

At Freedom Sun we're dedicated to helping you financially succeed in business, so you can build generational wealth, and do it without the stress.

Building a profitable business starts with building a strong financial foundation for your business and mastering your money mindset.

Your money journey can be enjoyable, easy, and FUN.  

We are results driven and are about action and accountability.


You won't get the same results doing the same things. Get an unbiased and objective advisor in your business who is focused on business and finance strategy.


95% of your success comes down to your mindset.  
Transform how you think, act, and enjoy managing your money in your business.  


We're not selling vibes, we're selling you transformation and results. With our team, you'll have someone pushing you to your upper limit and focused on getting your results quick.  

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Love from Past Clients & Students

Highly recommend Simone’s services if you are in need of an extremely intelligent, warm, and energetic advisor to help take your business and you to new heights! - Meryl, M, Portland, Oregon USA
About ME

Love from Past Clients & Students

"Working with Simone has expanded how I think and how I do business. I have been able to accomplish more and have the focus that I need to make real changes in my business. " - Elizabeth D, Nice, France
More about Me.

Love from Past Clients & Students

“Few people have the opportunity to work with a coach and mentor—but I did when I worked with Simone.” ‘Ridiculously driven’ is the phrase that comes to mind when I think about Simone.”  - Lisa, M, Berlin, Germany

Ready to feel confident about your money?  

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